My name is Adrian Diaz, I am a composer, guitarist and arranger of my own project
called "Dhalius", this path started in 2007, after discovering the online platform created in Spain, with which I started to publish my electronic music,
 for that same year I registered on the nascent website called "", with which I began to publish my first digital albums, in which I currently have more than 40 electronic, rock and acoustic music albums.
In 2010 I started the project of south hills records, an independent label that will be in charge of distributing with free licenses
My music through the internet, this project lasted about 4 years, and then I went to "", the sharing project of free music through youtube, vimeo and personal projects of users, this hard project from 2015 to 2017, obtaining more than 1500 users registered, and our music participating in more than 1000 projects around the world, with an archive of more than 900 musical tracks, along with the help of youtube music, we were able to distribute it more easily.
In 2018 we created "" this new music sharing project,
We are just getting started but we have the project base of and south hills records. is the metamorphosis between these last two sites.